Democratizing Mortgages

We set out to level the mortgage playing field by connecting nontraditional borrowers and eager lenders through the world’s simplest mortgage platform.
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Our vision

Dream homes shouldn’t stay dreams for very long. That’s why we’re here.

After years of visualizing a mortgage marketplace that connects non-traditional borrowers with real-estate-savvy investors, in 2021, we made our vision come to life.

Why we’re here

With traditional lending, outside- the-box borrowers are often left in the dust. From the self-employed to newly landed immigrants, these would-be homeowners face unnecessary challenges in buying homes that they can easily afford.

We’re here to change that.

What we do

MortgageMarket connects non-traditional borrowers with private investors who see value in real estate, providing a simple, accessible mortgage marketplace that allows dream homes - and smart investment - become a reality.